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Continuous Data Protection

Our Online backup software is equipped with advanced Continuous Data Protection (CDP) feature which can be set to capture every version of the data of a file that has been saved to your hard drive.

With CDP, whenever you have made changes to the files in the backup set, it will automatically backup the changes to Offsite Backup Server. Thus, it provides a highly dependable means of real-time, continuous data protection for file servers, desktops, and laptops effortlessly and transparently, without any human intervention.

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Online Backup for Servers

BackupNow's Online Backup Manager (OBM) client-side backup application of BackupNow's Backup Software comes with specialized backup modules for backing up commonly used database and email servers. System administrator is able to activate or deactivate individual modules for different users through Offsite Backup Server (OBS). These modules include:

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Home Users

BackupNow's A-Click Backup (ACB) is a light version of Online Backup Manager with all major features retained while having an easy-to-use interface. It is most suitable for backing up files in desktop and laptop computers.